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Make a Donation

Thank you for considering a contribution to The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation for The Artistically Gifted Mentally Hill. Your contribution supports arts programs at mental health and arts organizations that serve the mentally ill. It also helps to ensure that mentally challenged individuals with exceptional talent will get the opportunity to nurture their gifts and share their talents with the world.

Make A Corporate Gift

Corporate support plays an important role in enabling NAAF to spread the value of art programs to an increasing number of institutions, advocate on behalf of mental health issues and put on lectureships for mental health professionals. Our partnership can make a difference in the lives of individuals living with mental health challenges and their caregivers. If you or your company would like to make a corporate donation, please call the foundation at (877) 272-5272 to arrange your gift.

Make a Recurring Gift
Stay active in the fight for mental health advancements all year long with a monthly contribution of $10, $20, $100 or more to The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation. Recurring gifts provide NAAF with solid, predictable income that doesn't require mailings or other outreach to secure — allowing us to allocate more of every dollar to accelerating the development of improved programs and services. You only have to sign up once!


Help the Mentally Ill Realize Their Dreams

Your charitable gifts to The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation - and its unique mission --will make a significant difference in the lives of many people across the country and ultimately, around the world through supporting programs that utilize the arts as a way of allowing the mentally ill to share their talents with the world.

Why Give Through Us?

The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation has partnered with The Tides Foundation to provide the highest level of fiscal responsibility possible. Every dollar donated will be used most effectively to ensure that the mission of bringing the arts to the mentally challenged is maximized and that showcasing the talents of the artistically gifted is carried out at a level befitting their talents.

Community Outreach