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The California Endowment
The California Endowment's mission is to expand access to affordable, quality health care for underserved individuals and communities, and to promote fundamental improvements in the health status of all Californians.
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
We unite in our desire to serve and to expand our audience through innovative programming, broader venues and increased educational opportunities while balancing artistic growth with financial soundness. We share a heritage of passion for the music. We embrace our responsibility to be a vigorous part of the cultural fabric of our community and to strive to reach national and international audiences.
The Jimmy Carter Center
The Carter Center is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering. Join us in creating a world in which every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to enjoy good health and live in peace.
Success Through the Arts Foundation is dedicated to using the arts as a catalyst to the education of students who have been traditionally underserved by the public schools, underrepresented in higher education, and deprived of opportunities that could enable them to realize rich and productive lives.
Participant Media
Participant believes that a good story well told can truly make a difference in how one sees the world. Whether it is a feature film, documentary or other form of media, Participant exists to tell compelling, entertaining stories that also create awareness of the real issues that shape our lives.
The LA County Arts Commission
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission fosters excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding and accessibility of the arts in Los Angeles County. The Commission provides leadership in cultural services for the County, including information and resources for the community, artists, educators, arts organizations and municipalities
The Annenberg Foundation
The Annenberg Foundation is the successor corporation to the Annenberg School at Radnor, Pennsylvania established in 1958 by Walter H. Annenberg.  It exists to advance the public well-being through improved communication.  As the principal means of achieving its goal, the Foundation encourages the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.
No Kidding Me To!
No Kidding Me To! - No Kidding, Me Too! is an organization whose purpose is to remove the stigma attached to brain dis-ease through education and the breaking down of societal barriers. Our goal is to empower those with brain dis-ease to admit their illness, seek treatment, and become even greater members of society.
Inner City Arts
Innner-City Arts offers opportunities for children to build artistic self-expression, enhancing their ability to perform both creatively and academically in challenging environments. Our children learn to communicate feelings and ideas in the universal language of art, and are empowered to apply the skills they have learned to their regular academic programs. Most importantly, children are able to see themselves as valuable, worthy and capable of reaching goals.

We believe that the arts are vital for personal and cultural development and they connect the individual to their community and to the larger world. Our philosophy is that by validating the creative impulses and uniqueness of each student, we provide a bridge between the artistic experience and the development of the whole child and increased academic achievement.
LAMP Community
Lamp Community treats housing as a first step to recovery, not a reward for enrolling in mental health and drug addiction services. The premise is simple: success in treatment, and in all areas of life, is more likely when people have a stable home. Lamp Community permanently ends homelessness, improves health, and builds self-sufficiency among homeless men and women living with severe mental illness.
LA Philharmonic Association
The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association ( LAPA) presents orchestral and chamber music, recitals, new music, jazz, world music and holiday concerts. It also offers educational programs, community concerts and children's programming.
Community Outreach