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Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Hear the Music”—Eat Pizza For a Good Cause—June 12 in Fairburn, GA

Hear the music, stop stigma, and eat mouth-watering pizza! You have a chance to support a great cause while eating delicious food on June 12th at Oz Pizza (Fairburn location).

Please join us for our first 2012 fundraiser on Tuesday, June 12th from 5-10pm at Oz Pizza, 5 West Broad Street, Fairburn Georgia 30213.

In order for The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation to receive some of the proceeds from your pizza order, you must dine in and mention The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers foundation. It’s that easy!

Are you out of town or you can’t make this date? There are still ways you can support us. Click here to donate money to The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation.

Slice $5
Small Pizza $10
Medium Pizza $15
Large Pizza $20
Extra Large $ Enter your own amount!

Thanks for your support!
We can’t wait to see you on June 12th at Oz Pizza!

The Nathaniel Anthony Ayers foundation

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