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Friday, September 16, 2011

A death in the family

imageThe Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation lost its patriarch, Jerrold “Jerry” Moore, on Thursday, September 8, 2011.

Together, he and his wife, Jennifer Ayers-Moore, founded the Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation.

Jerry retired as Vice President of Operations at PepsiCo where he worked for more than two decades. He then began a second career doing what he truly loved, working in the golf industry as General Manager of several courses for The American Golf Corporation. Jerry was a tireless worker, both for NAAF and for AGC. His favorite saying whenever asked if he was working on any given day, was that he worked every day that ended with the letter “y”.

He was also passionate about the work of The NAAF. The Mission of the Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation is to support arts programs at mental health and arts organizations that serve the mentally ill. They place a special emphasis on programs that serve the Artistically Gifted.

Jennifer wishes to acknowledge, with heartfelt appreciation, the acts of love, sympathy and prayers extended to the family during his illness and at his passing.

The family requests and appreciates all donations made to the Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation in honor of Jerry. http://do.nr/6P2

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